Vintage Swimsuits

Last year when I first started Coastal Vintage and was out & about sourcing items, I came across this old woolen swimsuit. The lady who was selling it told me that she had been a friend of the lady who wore it in the 1930s & was given the swimsuit a few years before the lady died. If she had been alive that day, she would have been 105-years old.

I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't believe the swimsuit had been kept in such incredible condition. I knew as soon as I heard the story that I had to have it. It was a gem and a gem I wasn't going to part with. It was the perfect suit to have framed and to hang in my home. 

I took it to get it framed professionally and this is what it now looks like.  Doesn't it look beautiful?

It now proudly hangs in my living room and is such a treasure to own. Whenever I look at it, I wonder who that lady was. She certainly had a great little figure didn't she?

Have you ever thought about framing an old swimsuit? 

It's a great way to preserve a piece of history and at the same time have a piece of art on your wall. 

So very Coastal Vintage.

There is a small range on our website ready to be framed. 

click here to see what is currently in store


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