Wednesday, 27 August 2014

All Things Coastal Vintage #allthingscoastalvintage

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Jo @bowerbirdjo
Over on Instagram, I have started a tag #allthingscoastalvintage asking for followers to share photos of their favourite coastal vintage things in their homes. The response in a couple of days has been absolutely amazing with so many gorgeous images and coastal vintage things. It has made my job quite difficult to choose which ones to share.

 Cheryl @beachcomber26

As you will see at the bottom of each photo, I have tagged who took the photo. Do take a look at their page over on IG for some more beautiful inspiration. 

Sharon @baysideshaz

Lisa @aquabungalow

Lize @lizesmeatonfox

Ashlea @glamourcoastaliving

Hayley @mumlittle
 Sarah @sarahlpayne 

Aren't they just fabulous & so inspiring? 

And so terribly coastal vintage!

You may have noticed a few items in some of these images have come from the Coastal Vintage store and more so below. Anne @annewink sent in several photos of her beach shack down on the South Coast NSW and I just adore everything in her holiday place.

Isn't it fabulous?
 Thanks to all those who have shared and I look forward to seeing & sharing so many more!
and until next time - lover of the sea and all things Coastal Vintage

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sea Blue Vintage Life Ring

Recently, I picked up this old orange life ring at a private house sale & immediately thought it would look perfect painted sea blue and displayed on a wall at home.  
Firstly, I painted the entire life ring white and then taped the areas that I wanted to keep white and then set about painting the rest blue. 

Once that was completed, I then left it to dry in the sun for half hour before giving it another coat.

A little touch up in the areas where needed,
and then a light sand to give a little shabby aged look before waxing to protect the paint.

And here it is on the foyer table before I hung it on the wall around the corner. 

I love hearing your thoughts. So don't hesitate to leave a comment on any of the blog posts if you would like to.
and until next time - lover of the sea and all things Coastal Vintage

* I have used Annie Sloane's Chalk Paint - old white & Aubusson Blue

Monday, 18 August 2014

DIY Beach terrarium

Have you ever thought about displaying your holiday beachcombing finds in a glass bowl to create a beach style terrarium? Well this idea is a very simple and easy way to create a lovely and unique holiday memory piece for your home.

When I found this glass bowl in a 2nd hand shop, I thought it would be perfect for this project. You don't have to have a round bowl, you could use a large glass jar. 

 Firstly, collect some sand from the beach or if you're not near the sea, you maybe able to get some from the local hardware store. Or, if you have kids and they have a sandpit, maybe take some from there. You only need a small amount to fill the bottom. Then display all the items out on the table that you would like to place in your terrarium. 

Take the biggest piece to be the centrepiece. I've decided to use this gorgeous old staghorn coral. Once your centrepiece is in place, then begin to place your other favourite finds around it. What we are really doing here is creating a *vignette, but rather than on a shelf or sideboard, it is inside a glass bowl. 

I've included an old fishing cork float, a sponge, a small clam shell, a complete scallop shell and then 

I've added a sea fan at the back which now gives the whole display some height. I've also included a glass float, some coral sponge, lots of small shells, a few sea urchins and some pumice stone that was washed up on a NSW South Coast beach. It had washed up from a recent erupted volcano in the Pacific Ocean.

This photo is of looking down into the terrarium.  Many of these finds are special momentos from dear friends with each piece having it's own story.

 And there it is! Easy Peasy isn't it? 

You can see I've opened the clam shell and placed a sea urchin and some green sea glass inside it. All I need now is a little toy mermaid or a scuba diver to place inside to make it look like it is swimming in amongst this magical 'under the sea' wonderland.

For the time being it is here in the foyer of my home.  

I would love to leave it here on my living room coffee table. However, I know my darling little Miss 2 will want to explore it with her little fingers.  So it will stay up high for now and out of reach.

The beauty about creating a beach terrarium is that each and everyone will be unique. Will you make one? If so, I would love to see! Don't hesitate to share a pic on Instagram & tag coastalvintage or post on the coastal vintage facebook page.

If you're interested in seeing the Coastal Vintage Vignette I created in a previous post, simply click this link:  Coastal Vintage Vignette

and until next time - lover of the sea and all things Coastal Vintage


*vignette -  a way to style/arrange your favourite things to create a picture and a visual joy. A bit like creating a 3-D painting.  

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cooktown & A Little Maritime History

You may remember last week I wrote a post about the superbly decorated QT resort at Port Douglas with all things coastal vintage. We spent one night there before hitting the road for the Far North Queensland historic town of Cooktown. 

Oh the scenery along the way was just stunning. Endless miles of big open country and big blue skies.

When we arrived in Cooktown we went straight up to the top of Grassy Hill to be greeted with this gorgeous view of the spectacular and vast Endeavour river.

In 1770, Captain James Cook - a British explorer was sailing up the Queensland coast when his boat the HMS Endeavour round aground after hitting a reef nearby. This was when he discovered this little inlet and spent 6-weeks here repairing his boat.

However, it wasn't until another 100-years after Captain Cook landed that Cooktown really got established and became a thriving little port. The nearby Palmer River gold rush put Cooktown on the map, and by 1886, this lovely old lighthouse was constructed on top of Grassy Hill to help ships & boats navigate their way. And it still functions today.

After a trip up Grassy Hill, we took a stroll around this small town of only 2000+ people. Due to its remoteness, the population really hasn't altered much in 100-years since the end of the gold rush.

This anchor & chain sits right outside the local RSL club. If only I could have smuggled it in my bag :) 
What an amazing piece of history.

The James Cook Museum is well worth a visit. I headed straight upstairs to see the maritime section. This is a replica of the HMS Endeavour.

This piece of coral came from the reef many years ago. It was huge. Simply stunning isn't it?

There was a pearling industry for a while and this is from that era.

Old ship's pulley and South Sea Pearl Shells. You can see where the pearls grew in these shells.

Ship's bells and lantern. Oh so many lovely maritime things.

The most fascinating part of the museum was this anchor and it's discovery. When Captain Cook ran aground in 1770, the anchor was lost. In 1971, just over 200-years later, divers amazingly found the anchor and here it sits in the museum today. Incredible isn't it? 

A trip away isn't complete without a visit to the beach.  

And this one outside Cooktown didn't disappoint. There was just one house with the entire beach to itself and maybe the odd salty crocodile lurking which I was more than happy not to see! As much as the beaches are beautiful this far north, I'm not too keen to get in the water. 

Cooktown is a fascinating place and well worth the visit to all those that love the sea and maritime history. Also a fabulous place to go fishing out to the reef. 

We stayed in a motel directly opposite the wharf which provided us with views of the Endeavour river and the wharf. I loved walking along the wharf to look at the boats and was delighted to see off in the distance anchored in the middle of the river a game fishing boat that I worked on in 1998 still based here. 

One of the other most fascinating places for me was the cemetery & learning the history of so many pioneers. Many graves displayed old clam shells. I'm not sure of the meaning but they were beautiful to see and I thought it was a lovely idea. I hadn't seen that before.

Despite Cooktown's remoteness, it is easy to get to these days. Since 2007, it has been bitumen all the way! And the council is in the process of developing the waterfront including a lagoon similar to the one at Airlie Beach or in Cairns. It will be even more enticing to visit and will be great to come back to in years to come with our girls.

and until next time, lover of the sea and all things Coastal Vintage.


Saturday, 9 August 2014

Surfboard Side Table

I can't take credit for this idea at all.

I was inspired by the lovely Jo over at Coastal Home Love who wrote a post back in May about a retro coffee table that she had found and transformed it into a Surfboard Coffee Table. I thought it was fabulous.  


 Last week, I found a similar table but smaller and decided to give it a go too but in a different style.

Firstly, I painted it with Annie Sloane's 'old white' chalk paint.

Then, I taped over where I wanted it to remain white and painted the top 'Aubusson blue'.

It was a warm winter's day, so it didn't take long to dry. Once it was dry, I removed the tape and

sanded it back to give it a shabby aged look.

And then waxed it just like a true surfboard.  Now who is ready to go surfing? ;)

Wouldn't this look fabulous in a beach house, a surf lover's bedroom or coastal home?
Available now in the shop under what's new!

click here 

and until next time, lover of all things coastal vintage Sally