Saturday, 29 March 2014

Latest Finds at Coastal Vintage

Being by the sea always does wonders for the soul and so does a trip to the countryside, particularly when it has been raining. The smell of wet grass and fresh air always lifts my spirits. So while visiting family up in the Granite Belt near the NSW border, I had an opportunity to leave my two little ones with the Grandparent's and go exploring. 

And this is what I found.

A dozen or so fabulous old fishing hand reels. Half of these have already sold for a special order but this just half of the lot I managed to find! Will have more photos of the rest soon.

Amazing find - an old McAlpin's flour box. This would have sat on a shop counter and would have been filled with packets of flour for sale. It is a great find because the paper advertising was usually ripped off. This one is still intact. Would look great displayed in any home or shop/bar/cafe.

Fabulous set of pigeon holes - great for storing your favourite bits and bobs. This may have come out of an old school.

Lovely old rustic oar with metal paddle.

Sweet old oil painting of boats in a very cold habour with mountains behind. A gorgeous piece. 

Lovely old creel with original leather strap. Would have been hung over the head onto the shoulder and the creel would have sat on the hip. Lovely piece in great condition.

An amazing anchor. This was hand made by a blacksmith at the start of last century. Early 1900s. A stunning piece and very hard to come by.

These will be placed up on the website this week. If interested in any of these please email

Other finds include fishing rods from 1970's, a pair of old sculling oars, a big old industrial light, an old glass fishing float and a set of paddles. Will post these at a later date.

And finally, a photo of a vertical garden that I came across on my travels. This has inspired me to create my own when we move to a new home in the coming weeks. Looks amazing doesn't it? 

Vintage Oars

You may remember an earlier post about some vintage oars and paddles that had been given a blue & white make-over. Well this time I decided to go a bit more bold and gave a couple of oars a red & white make-over. 

Once painted, they were sanded and then waxed with a dark wax to give an aged distressed look. 

They look great don't they? Any idea where you would put one? 

Maybe display horizontal on the wall above a bed or sofa?

Or maybe out by the pool on a wall?

A lovely colourful collection. These & more vintage oars are available on the website. 

* I have used Annie Sloans chalk paint & wax.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Coastal Vintage

Late last year, to my utter delight & surprise, the beautiful magazine Australian Coastal Home 
wrote a lovely feature on Coastal Vintage.

I'm so thrilled & excited that they love Coastal Vintage!

An absolutely beautiful magazine featuring some gorgeous Australian homes. 
If you don't already subscribe simply apply online here - Australian Coastal Home

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Styling with Cray Pots (lobster pots)

Who would have thought cray pots would become such wonderful items to decorate a home or garden with? 

Believe it or not these hand made cray pots make great light shades.

At Kook Katz resort wear shop on Hastings St, Noosa there is a cane craypot above the sales desk. Looks fabulous doesn't it?

And at Brisbane Riverbar there is one overlooking a table. It fits in right at home with all the Coastal Vintage type things behind on the wall doesn't it?

How about one or two in the garden? 
This one looks so natural placed amongst the flowers here at the boathouse cafe at Palm Beach, NSW.  

And here again....just beautiful.

Or perhaps a dozen or so hanging from the ceiling. This is at the Ivanhoe Hotel in Manly, NSW. WoW!

And at night it brightens up this spot. Looks incredible doesn't it?

So who would have thought a little old craypot could be used in so many wonderful ways?

These are hand made by an ex-fisherman and his daughter in-law and we keep both single cane & double cane in stock.  If you would like more information about these click the link to our website below. 

* Boathouse cafe & Ivanhoe hotel images via pinterest. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Beautiful Old Coral

Recently when a couple of clients asked me to find some old coral, it took me quite awhile before I  found these pieces in a private sale. Some mushroom coral, brain coral and finger coral. I bought all these and then I was shown....

this piece.....

It took my breath away...

It had been in this place since the 1960's. It is huge. Then I thought a piece like this only comes by once-in-a-blue moon and if I don't snap it up, I'm going to be thinking about this piece for the rest of my days. 

So, how could I say no?

and leave it behind? 

I broke the bank, but it was worth it don't you agree? Next month, I will be moving house, so it will be the feature piece in the entrance of our new home.  Simply stunning isn't it?

*Coral is a protected species here in Australia and cannot be taken from the reef. To our knowledge all Coastal Vintage finds are old.