Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Coastal Christmas Wreath

This year I decided to make a Christmas Wreath Coastal Vintage style!

 I found this lovely old life ring with gorgeous peeling paint. However, it was falling apart and the rope to hang it was long gone! 

So I decided to paint it blue. I love how the rustic chippy paint texture has come through. 
I then wrapped the 4 points with some old sisal rope I have in stock.

 With the remaining sisal rope I twisted the rope and knotted it around the life ring to enable to hang it.

And for Christmas I decided to spray paint some starfish gold to place temporary on the lifering to celebrate the festive season! And when the festive season is over, I can simply remove them.

Merry Christmas! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day & a Happy New Year! 

This will be my last post for this year. However, do stay tuned. In the New Year I will be posting a couple of stories of some gorgeous Coastal Vintage style homes that I can't wait to share with you!

Until then, lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage



Sunday, 7 December 2014

Fishing Corks Upcycled

When I found these old fishing corks I couldn't believe my luck. I just love the texture of these rustic old pieces. What better way to upcycle them than to give them a quick coat of colourful paint and string them up to display in the home. 

I had some old sisal rope that came in with a shipment of old Japanese glass floats and strung the corks like this placing a knot at each end to keep in place.
 I was going to string them up across the top of the curtains. However, I found this corner needed a little brightening up and have casually strung them across a piece of gorgeous smooth driftwood that my husband found on Rainbow Beach earlier this year.
I think I going to have to make some more and decorate the pool area. 

  If you are looking for some old fishing corks, you can find some on our website under fishing: