The Beginning....

Well there is no better time to start a blog than the present. Although Coastal Vintage has yet to open, it will do so very soon. In the meantime, it's time to pack up from the city and make a sea change. A change that I have been dreaming of for a long time. 

From this..... this   

But let me get back to how Coastal Vintage came about.....

Five-years ago I resigned from a decade of working on board private yachts sailing all around the world. I lived an extraordinary life cooking on board yachts owned by some fabulous people and some not, but that's another story! It was exciting sailing to places I had dreamed of and some I never knew existed.

In the galley

Sailing off the coast of Portugal. 


Sailing off Malta during a sailing race.

Racing off Sardinia, Italy

Near Cape Horn

My favourite part of working on board yachts was shopping in local markets whenever we docked. Exotic ports in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Caribbean Islands, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, The Maldives, Oman and Argentina to list a few. 

Markets in Barcelona, Spain

Markets in Helsinki, Finland

Markets in Barbados, Caribbean

Another favourite part of this lifestyle was being out at sea for days & weeks on end. I loved the peacefulness and being away from the mad rush of day to day on land. Being out at sea lets you forget all that and be part of nature. I miss that terribly.

Sunrise at Stromboli, the lighthouse of the Mediterranean
Sunset in the Bay of Biscay off France


Now a mum of two little girls and loving motherhood, I guess one the biggest attractions for me to vintage is thinking about how simple life was many years ago and how well things were made. Also the nostalgia of items that invoke memories. I think this is one of the main attraction to most people who love vintage & antiques. I love all these things in the image below because it brings back wonderful memories of being on the sea.

Image by

As a lover of the sea and the coast, well it only suits for a person like me to be a lover of all things Coastal Vintage. So here I begin this crazy journey of finding those beautiful coastal things for your home and to also discover and write the history, and stories of those things. I hope you will come along for the ride and read all about the finds not only here in Noosa, Queensland, but also in other parts of Australia and from all over the world. 

Image by Adore Magazine


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