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Riverbar Coastal Vintage Style

As soon as I walked into the Brisbane Riverbar & Kitchen I was drawn into a 'Coastal Vintage' heaven. It is decorated entirely with the most amazing coastal vintage finds which include all those magical old things that takes one to being back on the sea, on boats and fishing. 
Scroll down and take a look at the photos, and you will see why this place in my eyes is a slice of 'Coastal Vintage' heaven...

The hanging ferns and the huge chunky sisal rope draped around the middle lighting of the bar/restaurant immediately captured my attention. 

Then this vintage porthole similar to ones that I have been stocking caught my eye. It would have originated from an old ship that was decommissioned and the designer of this place has had it turned into a mirror. A super idea don't you agree?

As you walk further in you begin to notice shelves adored with old things - all to do with the sea. Glass floats, vintage books, old photographs of yachts. And all the way through it …

Sea Blue Paddles & Oars

Vintage paddles & oars are a particularly popular item that I sell here at Coastal Vintage. I can never stock enough. There is something about paddles & oars aren't there? That connection to the water and being on the water. And they are fabulous items to display in the home - particularly a coastal home or a beach shack!

And as I find paddles and oars for the online store, some need a make-over. Keeping in with the coastal theme, all the paddles & oars I have done so far have been painted in white & blue. 
And here they are:

Old paddle painted with chalk paint, sanded to give a distressed look and waxed. Looks great doesn't it?

A paddle painted white first, then taped two rows at bottom & painted blue over the top. Took the tape off to reveal to white stripes. Looks lovely with the old lobster buoy from Maine and glass floats from Japan doesn't it?

Strapped some rope around top & it is ready to hang on the wall. 

An oar painted blue and sanded back…

Glass Fishing Floats

There is something alluring about a glass float. So beautiful and round that has spent time in our oceans. To me they are a little like a mysterious message in a bottle that has been set adrift in the hope someone will find it years later.

My first memory of glass fishing floats were like this one. The ones that my Dad had in the garden when I was growing up. They had been washed up on a beach in North Queensland during a time when the Japanese used to fish in our deep sea waters well over fifty years ago.  Sadly, they are no longer found on our beaches anymore....

Do you know where glass floats originated from?

Many think it is Japan but they were first produced in Norway as far back as 1840. They were made to replace wood or cork, and by the 1940s were being used by fisherman all over the world to keep their fishing nets and lines afloat. Fishnets were strung together and once set adrift in the ocean, the hollow glass balls or glass rolling pins held the nets near the surface to giv…

Beachcombing on holidays

There is a special place that my partner & I visit every year called Keswick Island. It is located in the Whitsunday's just off the Queensland coast. It is an island that has captured our hearts and we hope to one day create a permanent holiday home there. In the meantime, we will continue to visit once or twice a year and rent a lovely bungalow so we can continue to enjoy and be spoilt by these spectacular views.

The recent Christmas holiday to the island was a little different from previous visits. This time we had two little people to enjoy it with - little Miss 2 & little Miss 1. They of course adored going to the beach every day - not only once but twice.

 And to my delight little Miss 2 became a beachcomber....

And this is what she found....

We are currently in the process of putting them all in a 1950's letterpress tray to hang on her wall. We will add some photos and a snippet of a nautical chart of the island. When it is finished I will post a piece about it.…
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Salt Images

Last year I discovered a facebook page called Salt Images. The photos immediately captured my attention because they are images of all of things that I love. The ocean, sand, sun, waves, shells, beach,  surf and my favourite part of the day - the sunrise. The best part is they are all taken in a place I now call home here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  

You can tell by the photos that it is more than a hobby for the person behind the camera. It is a passion.  Getting up at 4.30am to take these has to be more than a hobby! It's dedication! 
So I contacted the photographer  - the lovely and very talented Jodie Price and asked her if she would like some glass floats in exchange for some beautiful images to share.
And this is what she came up with:

Absolutely stunning aren't they?
And then I got a surprise in the post - a calendar

Thanks Jodie
These are available. If interested contact Jodie at salt
Just beautiful......

Coastal Christmas

I love hearing from people who are inspired by Coastal Vintage, particularly old friends. Shelby Mills was a neighbour from my childhood days and since we reconnected on facebook, she has been one of my biggest supporters.
During the lead up to Christmas she purchased quite a few things from my store. Many old glass fishing floats, old blue bottles and a vintage nautical chart of the Great Barrier Reef.
She told me she was doing a coastal theme Christmas and this is what she created.

Isn't that Christmas tree just glorious? The beautiful blue colours and I just adore the driftwood garlands. And as you can see on the side table are old shells, a sand dollar christmas tree, an old model yacht, glass floats and some old fishing line corks. Isn't it just a stunning Coastal Vintage setting?
And below is her incredible dining table.

To begin with I love how it is outdoors and on the deck. Secondly, the starfish are striking on those gorgeous blue 'Lotus' plates. She acquired the …

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