Beachcombing on holidays

There is a special place that my partner & I visit every year called Keswick Island. It is located in the Whitsunday's just off the Queensland coast. It is an island that has captured our hearts and we hope to one day create a permanent holiday home there. In the meantime, we will continue to visit once or twice a year and rent a lovely bungalow so we can continue to enjoy and be spoilt by these spectacular views.

The recent Christmas holiday to the island was a little different from previous visits. This time we had two little people to enjoy it with - little Miss 2 & little Miss 1. They of course adored going to the beach every day - not only once but twice.

 And to my delight little Miss 2 became a beachcomber....

And this is what she found....

We are currently in the process of putting them all in a 1950's letterpress tray to hang on her wall. We will add some photos and a snippet of a nautical chart of the island. When it is finished I will post a piece about it. I'm sure she will treasure it and talk about this for many years to come.

(If interested, these trays can be purchased on the website

And this is what I found

A small Xmas tree like shell that became my Xmas photo. It was one of the most popular photos I have posted on social media. I'm sure you understand why....

And I also found some beautiful driftwood

I plan to create a little something with these pieces along with some sea pottery that was found on a beach in Greece. I will keep you posted about that sometime soon too.

Have any of you created something from items that you have found on the beach? Please don't hesitate to share...

Until next time.....

lover of the sea and all those things coastal vintage - Sally


  1. Thanks for sharing Sally, looks like a beautiful spot I know why you would return there each year to holiday! I love the letterpress tray, it will be a lovely keepsake and piece of art when finished. I too did some beach art last week, creating this little masterpiece

  2. Oh thank you for sharing Ashlea. I've just taken a peek and what a gorgeous mirror! I look forward to seeing what else you create. : )


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