Keswick Island Guest House

Keswick Island is a beautiful place in the glorious Whitsunday Islands, Queensland. It is an island my partner and I have been visiting every year for the past five years. On our recent holiday with our two little girls it was great to catch up with old friends, Lyn & Brian who own the island's Guest House. 

Keswick Island Guest House

The view from the deck

I am always in awe when I see this view from their deck, especially when I've been away for awhile.  And when I return, my heart never fails to do a little leap when I see it again. It is simply magical isn't it?

During the Christmas period, the Guest House was a full house! The visitors came from all around the world. So I only had a brief opportunity to catch up with Lyn & Brian. Lyn told me that both her & Brian had been busy doing a little decorating & creating - Coastal Vintage style.  They have always had pieces of Coastal Vintage in their home but since our last visit they have added even more and this is what I found to my absolute delight!

At the front it is adorned with lots of beachcombing finds including these old shells

Lots of gorgeous driftwood in the gardens & on the decks like this one

A beautiful pair of Angel shells that remind me of bird's wings

And out the back, a half dozen oars. 
It looks fabulous doesn't it?

Brian has been creative with driftwood for some time.  Many of the pieces that he has found over the years are so beautiful that they are best left the way they are and simply painted with a little lacquer to protect them and make those pieces shine. I will show those pieces in another post, but in the meantime, I want to show what Brian has created recently. These are some of my favourite. Why? Because they are all of boats and you know I love boats!

So simple, so sweet. All found on the beach including the plastic sail. 

A sweet little boat inside an old fishing reel - novel isn't it?

And the most beautiful piece made with several different types of driftwood. This piece is my favourite. 

Thanks Brian & Lyn for sharing your home, creations & all things Coastal Vintage.... 

If you would like to visit the island and would love a fun & magical place to stay with great food & company, contact Brian & Lyn via their website: 

*first image via Keswick Island website


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