Riverbar Coastal Vintage Style

As soon as I walked into the Brisbane Riverbar & Kitchen I was drawn into a 'Coastal Vintage' heaven. It is decorated entirely with the most amazing coastal vintage finds which include all those magical old things that takes one to being back on the sea, on boats and fishing. 

Scroll down and take a look at the photos, and you will see why this place in my eyes is a slice of 'Coastal Vintage' heaven...

The hanging ferns and the huge chunky sisal rope draped around the middle lighting of the bar/restaurant immediately captured my attention. 

Then this vintage porthole similar to ones that I have been stocking caught my eye. It would have originated from an old ship that was decommissioned and the designer of this place has had it turned into a mirror. A super idea don't you agree?

As you walk further in you begin to notice shelves adored with old things - all to do with the sea. Glass floats, vintage books, old photographs of yachts. And all the way through it is lit up with corridor type ship lights. 

Another porthole mirror, an old Alvey fishing rod, wooden reels and boxes of fly fishing flies & hooks.

And then I think I've seen it all until I reach the back wall - and I'm gobsmacked! 

There are two enormous old clam shells, signal flags, an old wooden tiller, a clock, life ring, bottles and...

more flags beautifully displayed hanging up behind an old model yacht, old drink crates and then my favourite section 

an enormous old glass fishing float, a beautiful brass propeller, old green bottles and a gorgeous old large compass. 

And a bar isn't complete without a Big Mouth Billy Bass is it?  (singing fish hiding in the right hand corner) 

Also there is this beautiful corner - an old craypot used as a light shade, the old wooden hand reels on the wall, the brass ship's wheel, Queensland soda drinks crate and another box of signal flags.

And it just keeps going on...... 

Riverbar & Kitchen is located on the Brisbane River at Eagle Street Pier with great views of the Story Bridge. It is a casual and relaxed atmosphere with great food. 

And all those things you see here, you can find similar on our website www.coastalvintage.com.au

Interior by Humphrey & Edwards Architects. Permission was granted by management to take these photos. 


  1. Oh my goodness Sally. Bet it was hard to get you out of there! It looks amazing. Have just discovered your blog properly and I love it. I read one article at a time with my cup of tea when things are quiet here (so not too often) and it has become a real treat that I look forward to and savour. Keep up the ffabulous work.

  2. awww thanks Emma. I've only just seen your note. Am having fun. I hope I give you inspiration to start your own. I would love to follow the journey of your renovation in more detail and also all about your family's beachcombing adventures! :)


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