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Coastal Vintage Style at Kool Katz

I love it when you walk into a place and you are taken aback a little. This is what it was like for me when I first walked into Kool Katz - a lovely ladies boutique on Hastings St, Noosa. I wasn't expecting a ladies boutique to be styled in a way that would delight me so much. Amongst all the gorgeous colourful resort wear is a shop styled with all things Coastal Vintage ... and you know me, I love everything Coastal Vintage! 

The owner Jo Pearson's daughter Ashely is the creative mind behind this beautiful family owned store. She has a background in Interior Design & is a wedding planner & stylist.  She drew inspiration from her natural surrounds here in Noosa to create a fabulous shop design that represent's Jo's vibrant coastal & feminine designs. 

Before entering you are greeted with this lovely rustic wooden sign on the sidewalk. I love that it isn't a mass manufactured sign creating a point of difference. 

Another lovely made sign at the entrance. So…

Have you ever wondered ....

where some of those lovely Coastal Vintages finds have made their way to?  Here are a few of their stories that some of my lovely customers have shared with me....

Driftwood caravan - made by a bushie with pieces of a wooden boat that had washed up on a North Queensland beach. It found a new home across the Tasman Sea in Wellington, New Zealand.

A West Australian Vintage Chart was shipped to a coastal lover in Perth where she framed it. Looks great doesn't it? Thanks for sharing Christine.

This clam and many glass floats were shipped to a home in Melbourne to a lovely lady who has purchased quite a few items from Coastal Vintage to transform her townhouse into a coastal home.

Old fishing creel has found a new home on this bike. It belongs to to Jodie of Salt Images. A lovely idea isn't it? Thanks Jodie.

An old letterpress tray is used at a weekly market to store all those little things that Gone Dotti sells. Thank you Gone Dotti!

These South Sea Pearl Shells from Broome have gone to…

Finding Clam Shells

Just before I opened my online store last August, not only was I busy setting up the website but also sourcing products ready for the launch. The difficult part of that whole process is when you find things that you love, not to keep everything and put some things up for sale. I think many other vintage shop owners can certainly relate to this. 
So when I became the owner of an ex-fishermen's collection of clam shells, I thought, yep I can keep at least one and give up the rest. Because a girl only needs one clam shell right? 
Of course not! In my eyes they are like diamonds. So I've kept two....
.....well two so far... : )
The clams that I found had been sitting in a shed for over 20-years. They had been fished at a time when it was legal to fish them by licensed fishermen. Today, clams in Australia are a protected species. 

This is the first photo I took of them after unloading the car. I was so excited!
Despite them being all so filthy, I knew after a clean they would come …

Keswick Island Guest House

Keswick Island is a beautiful place in the glorious Whitsunday Islands, Queensland. It is an island my partner and I have been visiting every year for the past five years. On our recent holiday with our two little girls it was great to catch up with old friends, Lyn & Brian who own the island's Guest House. 

Keswick Island Guest House

The view from the deck
I am always in awe when I see this view from their deck, especially when I've been away for awhile.  And when I return, my heart never fails to do a little leap when I see it again. It is simply magical isn't it?
During the Christmas period, the Guest House was a full house! The visitors came from all around the world. So I only had a brief opportunity to catch up with Lyn & Brian. Lyn told me that both her & Brian had been busy doing a little decorating & creating - Coastal Vintage style.  They have always had pieces of Coastal Vintage in their home but since our last visit they have added even more and…

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