Coastal Vintage Style at Kool Katz

I love it when you walk into a place and you are taken aback a little. This is what it was like for me when I first walked into Kool Katz - a lovely ladies boutique on Hastings St, Noosa. I wasn't expecting a ladies boutique to be styled in a way that would delight me so much. Amongst all the gorgeous colourful resort wear is a shop styled with all things Coastal Vintage ... and you know me, I love everything Coastal Vintage! 

The owner Jo Pearson's daughter Ashely is the creative mind behind this beautiful family owned store. She has a background in Interior Design & is a wedding planner & stylist.  She drew inspiration from her natural surrounds here in Noosa to create a fabulous shop design that represent's Jo's vibrant coastal & feminine designs. 

Before entering you are greeted with this lovely rustic wooden sign on the sidewalk. I love that it isn't a mass manufactured sign creating a point of difference. 

Another lovely made sign at the entrance. So true....

Immediately on entering the store, I was drawn to the vintage glass floats still in the fishing net that have been placed casually on the gorgeous Armadillo rug on the floor. 


To my left in the window display there are more floats including this one.

And when I looked up I saw oars and a craypot light above the counter, similar to what I stock in my store. 

It all seems to just fit in so perfectly amongst the gorgeous colourful clothes doesn't it?

And then my eye was drawn to another set of oars at the back of the store to the change rooms. 

Doesn't it look great?

In the change room there are wood planks with some cotton reels placed as clothes hooks. Such a lovely unique idea and I love the options where to hang the clothes that you are trying on.... 

Back at the counter there are more cotton reels on a gorgeous piece of driftwood to display the jewellery. 

So when you're next in Noosa, do pop in for a look

Many of those things you see here, you can find similar on our website

Ashleigh currently works for Lovebird Weddings as a Senior Wedding Planner & Stylist. They create the most beautiful weddings Coastal & Vintage style.  

Permission was granted to take these photos 


  1. Isn't it a great store. You are very lucky to live in such a lovely part of the world.
    Carolyn Desire Empire

    1. It is so lovely Carolyn and yes I'm so delighted to be living in this part of the world. I've really enjoyed your posts about Noosa and it's surrounds, and the history of your visits here. A beautiful blog.


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