Finding Clam Shells

Just before I opened my online store last August, not only was I busy setting up the website but also sourcing products ready for the launch. The difficult part of that whole process is when you find things that you love, not to keep everything and put some things up for sale. I think many other vintage shop owners can certainly relate to this. 

So when I became the owner of an ex-fishermen's collection of clam shells, I thought, yep I can keep at least one and give up the rest. Because a girl only needs one clam shell right? 

Of course not! In my eyes they are like diamonds. So I've kept two....

.....well two so far... : )

The clams that I found had been sitting in a shed for over 20-years. They had been fished at a time when it was legal to fish them by licensed fishermen. Today, clams in Australia are a protected species. 

This is the first photo I took of them after unloading the car. I was so excited!

Despite them being all so filthy, I knew after a clean they would come up just as magical as they had been all those years ago.

20-years of filth and grime to get rid of. 

Despite being so dirty, you can see the beauty can't you? 

Each one is unique. 

This one has a shell embedded in the side of it.

So the big question was how to clean them without damaging them?

After some research and practise, I found a way. Firstly, soak the clam in a half water and half bleach solution. Leave the clam for 2-3 days. Rinse with fresh water and leave in fresh water overnight. Rinse again and leave in the sun for a day or so. 

And they came up like a dream. 

The rings on a clam are the same as the rings of a tree. It shows their age. Just beautiful isn't it?

I decided to keep this one and planted some succulents in it.

They all vary in size from 25cm - 44cm.

And they look great filled with 40-year old glass fishing floats don't they?

This one upside down looks beautiful this way as well as

 upright filled with glass floats. 

Isn't this one just beautiful with some coral embedded in it.  It really is a unique piece.

And another shot of the clam with beautiful succulents.

And my crazy collection of shells, coral, glass floats, siphon bottles and my gorgeous driftwood lamp.

And finally, this Giant Clam Shell below. I found this one just before Christmas last year. I bought it from a 70-year old chap where it had been in his family for three generations. It is over 200-years old and over a metre long. I will write all about this clam shell and its history in another post soon. 

Oh, so this makes it three clam shells that I've kept..... 

and I think that should do.... : ) 


  1. Love your succulent clam shells and that gorgeous driftwood lamp of course! x

    1. Thanks Ashlea... if only I could find more lamps like that.... I would be a rich woman! And the succulents in the shell... have you got a shell - if so, you must try it. So easy and so beautiful. x


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