Have you ever wondered ....

where some of those lovely Coastal Vintages finds have made their way to?  Here are a few of their stories that some of my lovely customers have shared with me....

Driftwood caravan - made by a bushie with pieces of a wooden boat that had washed up on a North Queensland beach. It found a new home across the Tasman Sea in Wellington, New Zealand.

 A West Australian Vintage Chart was shipped to a coastal lover in Perth where she framed it. Looks great doesn't it? Thanks for sharing Christine.

This clam and many glass floats were shipped to a home in Melbourne to a lovely lady who has purchased quite a few items from Coastal Vintage to transform her townhouse into a coastal home.

Old fishing creel has found a new home on this bike. It belongs to to Jodie of Salt Images. A lovely idea isn't it? Thanks Jodie.

An old letterpress tray is used at a weekly market to store all those little things that Gone Dotti sells. Thank you Gone Dotti!

These South Sea Pearl Shells from Broome have gone to several homes all over Australia. This set was sent to a coastal home in South Australia as a thank you gift. Sweet idea.

Amazing South China Sea Vintage Nautical Chart made its way to Berlin, Germany for a birthday present.

Oh how I love these authentic & old lobster pot buoys that I had shipped in from Maine, USA. These  and many more have ended up all over Australia. A great piece of fishing history to have. 

Painted pair of oars went to a lady in Brisbane where she is going to display them on an angle on a wall of the pool house.

Most of these have ended up in the remote community of Tom Price in WA.

My first shipment of these rolling pin glass floats went to Virginia, USA. These originally were used to hold up Octopus nets.

More lovely old letterpress trays. Many have gone to new homes & are being used for a range of things. I've kept this one, painted it and started this beachcombing shadowbox for little Miss 2 who collected most of these. 

The first clam shell I sold went to a lovely lady here on the Sunshine coast. She was the very first person I met from Instagram! Hello Shona.

Oh and this gorgeous porthole convex mirror went off to an Aussie living in NZ. I also met her on Instagram. However, we have yet to meet in person & I look forward to it one day.

This gorgeous pair of 1950's rowing oars went off to California for a wedding last October for the guests to sign. 

A lovely old porthole that came off an Italian ship in India. It is making is way to a new home in Canada via sea. It will be made into a mirror. 

This incredible Japanese float that was found on a beach here in the 50's went off to a new home in Sydney. 

And that about sums it up for this post. I will do another one similar soon. Thank you to all those that have shared photos. Please keep them coming. It give me great joy to see them and to also see so many beautiful coastal vintage things find their way all over the world. 


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