Beautiful Old Coral

Recently when a couple of clients asked me to find some old coral, it took me quite awhile before I  found these pieces in a private sale. Some mushroom coral, brain coral and finger coral. I bought all these and then I was shown....

this piece.....

It took my breath away...

It had been in this place since the 1960's. It is huge. Then I thought a piece like this only comes by once-in-a-blue moon and if I don't snap it up, I'm going to be thinking about this piece for the rest of my days. 

So, how could I say no?

and leave it behind? 

I broke the bank, but it was worth it don't you agree? Next month, I will be moving house, so it will be the feature piece in the entrance of our new home.  Simply stunning isn't it?

*Coral is a protected species here in Australia and cannot be taken from the reef. To our knowledge all Coastal Vintage finds are old.


  1. It is simply stunning and you are absolutely right not to let it out of your sight. Imagine the joy it will bring you for years to come.
    Carolyn - Desire Empire

  2. Thanks Caroyln, all I can say, wow, what a lucky gal am I! And yes you are so right. The joy and I hope my girls will treasure it too.

  3. It's gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see pix of how it'll look at your new house :)

    I found a piece of coral that stole my heart this past weekend, too – it looked like a modern art piece, just lovely! Am planning to bring it to the coast, might share a pic on FB at that point. I have no idea what it is, kinda looks like a giant fat worm but with lovely tiny little scales/lines. I know, that doesn't sound very attractive at all... but it's all in the eye of the beholder, right? :)
    Alex (Attic Antics)

    1. Oh do share please Alex. Would love to see it. :0


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