Vintage Nautical / Maritime Chart

Do you love pouring over nautical charts? 

Oh I do! 

It all began in 1997 when I started a career as a cook working on private sailing yachts. Despite the mod cons of a GPS, I love pouring over a large paper chart & plotting a course in pencil along the way.

My first cooking job on a yacht was based in Airlie Beach, North Queensland here in Australia. It is a bustling seaside town filled with backpackers and holiday makers who flock there to explore the stunningly beautiful Whitsunday Islands nearby.

So it was only fitting that when I found a 1974 vintage nautical chart of the Whitsunday Islands, it was the one that I wanted to keep.

It reminds me of the wonderful adventures I enjoyed during that first year of working on a yacht. Learning the ropes while sailing to these picturesque islands, walking along white sandy beaches, swimming in crystal blue waters and the motion of the yacht while on anchor rocking me to sleep at the end of a long and fulfilling day. 

Another appealing thing about this old chart is that it has water & coffee stains on it, small tears and has been plotted in pencil. I love that it has been well used. It has history & character. And you can also see where the previous owner sailed to and which inlets & bays that he/she anchored in. 

And when I look at those anchorages they remind me of happy times of serving guests in the cockpit while watching the sunsets or diving over the side into the water to swim ashore. 

So after almost a year of owning the chart, I finally got my act together and took the chart to a framer to have it framed.
I choose a light colour frame with a white mat & a black mat behind that. You can see just a glimpse of the black mat which helps highlight the black border of the chart. 

And here it is displayed in the den of our home. A place where one can read in quiet or where the kids play.  Since hanging the chart, it has become a major talking point when we have friends and family staying. 

Do you like this idea? 

If so, would you like a vintage nautical chart for your home?

Pop on over to the website to see the range that is available.

  If you don't see an area there that you desire, don't hesitate to ask as I have a huge collection from all over the world that has yet to be photographed and placed online.

Old charts are hard to come by. Once a chart is out of production, retailers are required to return old stock to have it replaced with the new editions. 

Oh sigh…. this is Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands.


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