An Old Display Case

I found this wooden glass display case in an old collectibles shop out in the bush a few months ago. It was in a shed filled from top to bottom with stuff that had been there for years. Old bottles, industrial parts, books, magazines, wooden crates, china, more industrial parts, wooden reels and the rest, well shall we say, "a man's junk is another man's treasure!"

It's one of those places where you can spend hours rummaging and you may find a dozen things, or you may find nothing at all. But when you do find something, it is usually good!

And, when I came across this case, it caught my attention.  It was so different from any other cases I have seen with it's glass window that opens out, and the way it slopes so you can see what is in the case. I had no idea what it would have been used for. However, I thought that it would be great to display shells and other small coastal items. 

When I got home I gave it a lick of white chalk paint to create a shabby coastal look. 

And when it came to sanding it, it wasn't until then that I noticed the logo as it came through. I then knew what it has once been used for. The name Henri Wintermans is famous for it's cigars. It is an old cigar display box. 

It would have sat on a shop counter or on a bar filled with small cigars. Now it is perfect to fill with beach combing finds or other small coastal treasures.

A great piece of history - now available on the website. 

If interested, click here


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