Brightwater Hotel & The Lakehouse - Sunshine Coast

Not long after opening last August, the Brightwater Hotel here on the Sunshine Coast contacted me requesting a range of Coastal Vintage items in time for the opening of their hotel and their beautiful function centre The Lakehouse. 

Recently I took the opportunity to drive down to Mountain Creek where they are located to take a look. I was delighted to see how they had styled the items that they had acquired from Coastal Vintage and also a range of many other beautiful coastal & nautical finds. It looks fabulous as you can see in the following photos.

Old oars & paddles make a great feature up on the wall particularly these white ones against the dark background in the Pontoon function area.

And the white/red rustic vintage life rings add to the nautical theme & also create a fabulous contrast against the dark walls. 

In the gaming room there is a range of authentic wooden lobster pot buoys that I had sourced from Maine, USA and have been placed here with these colourful sets of oars.

Just below that, there are a couple of vintage boat signal flags that have been framed. And quite a few more can be seen throughout the hotel.  Framing them is a lovely idea and a great way to preserve them.

Outside on the wall is a pair of old oars and a life ring that fill a blank space in the sitting area.

I have to say these photos of old sailing boats were particularly a favourite and perfect in sepia tone. 

Across from the hotel is the function centre The Lakehouse. (yes it is on a lake)

The day I visited it wasn't set up for a function so the room was empty. However, the foyer of The Lakehouse is always set up and is gorgeous. It's style is lakeside elegance with a Hampton's edge.

 My favourite piece was this old lobster pot and fish net which both tie in lovely with the glass float.
(the glass float is new, a little different from a traditional vintage glass fishing float but just as lovely)

Isn't that creel just divine and those oars?

If only the fire place had been going that day, I don't think you would have been able to remove me from that comfy seat while enjoying the ambience. Just gorgeous isn't it?

Click here to see more about The Lakehouse

It would certainly be a beautiful setting to get married. 

If you're interested in visiting the hotel click here

and until next time, 

lover of all things Coastal Vintage



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