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Recently, I attended a class at The School - the brainchild of well-known stylist Megan Morton. Her classes ignite the inner creative side of you and the reason I attended was to learn the art of vignettes. And, who better to learn from than the Vignette Queen - Kara Roselund. 

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I first met Kara selling her wares outside 'Frankie', her vintage caravan at the New Farm markets when my little Miss 2 was just a few months old. Her stall was beautiful. Filled with so many gorgeous vintage treasures, some that I just couldn't leave behind. 

Kara is absolutely gorgeous & friendly. She invited me to look inside Frankie where she shared her wonderful enthusiasm and love for the van that she lovingly restored alongside her husband Timothy. And just like everyone else when they see Frankie, I fell in love with it too.

It wasn't until a few months later when I joined IG & started following Kara that I discovered the word vignette. I have to admit that I had no idea what a vignette was until then. And then I discovered all these other amazingly creative people on IG who post photos of their vignettes.

So, what is a vignette?

It is a way to style/arrange your favourite things to create a picture and a visual joy. A bit like creating a 3-D painting.  This is the vignette Kara created the morning of her class. She showed us how to place items together in the best possible way to creative a picture that is appealing to the eye. It was during this class where a side of my creative gene really got a spark & came alive.

As soon as Kara finished showing the class on how to create a vignette, we were teamed up in pairs & were given the task of creating our own vignette from the huge selection of Kara's props. This is just a small selection of what she has. 

And this is the vignette my friend Jay & I created.  Jay also has her own vintage online store and she finds the most gorgeous things. You can see by clicking here - Found by Her

And, then I had a quick go at creating a coastal style vintage vignette.

Afterwards, I came home so fired up and excited that I immediately got to work and created this in my office. It is filled with all the things that I love and have collected since I started Coastal Vintage last August, but I had no idea or confidence in how I could display them until I attended Kara's class. 

 Here are a few pieces of old coral & shells, coral sponge, glass float & a poster that was a lovely surprise gift from IG friend Cheryl & owner of the Etsy store Beachcomber. It seems very fitting here amongst all the gorgeous things of the sea.

E is for my daughter, number 7 is my favourite number, the old reel is such a beauty that I couldn't sell it. The sea fan was another gift, this time from another IG friend Em @beachhousehames.
(by the way I've yet to meet my lovely IG friends & look forward to it one day soon) 

South Sea Pearl from Broome that I found in a shed in the bush, lots of old shells I have found in other vintage shops, and another gorgeous cedar reel & a coral sponge from Arnhem Land. 

I've added an old photo here that reminds me of an amazing chapter in my life. I am standing here onboard a private super yacht I worked on many years ago, motoring along entering the Mediterranean Sea with Spain on one side and Morocco on the other. It seems fitting to place it here amongst all these coastal treasures.

The little picture on the far right is an etching of a place in Croatia - one of the first countries I visited when I first worked on private yachts. The glass float I couldn't sell for my love of it's vibrant green colour and it sits on the most amazing beautiful old reel. (another one that I had to keep!)

And so many beautiful coral sponges that came from a beachcomber up in Arnhem Land, NT. She supplies all the beachcombing finds that you see on the website.  The photo in the top right hand corner is of a place my family & I holiday at every year.

Ahhh this vignette isn't complete without an old clam shell filled with glass floats. Alongside is an old shell, a starfish, pink barnacles & a sea fan that has been spray painted silver. The little ink bottles are a favourite along with the wooden sieve. 

And I had to keep one of the old 1950s green siphon bottles that I received in a shipment last year from Belgium.

And here it is again - the finished vignette which is collated over three shelves. 

Many beautiful memories and gorgeous things that I treasure. 

If you're interested in doing Kara's class, I highly recommend it. It is a lot of fun and Kara is wonderfully generous with her time & knowledge. 

Kara's Class at The School

Sea fans, clam shells, coral sponge, glass floats, old bottles & siphon bottles all available here


  1. Beautifully curated vignettes which tell a story of a life well-lived and well- loved x


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