QT Resort - So Very Coastal Vintage

Recently, my partner & I visited tropical Far North Queensland for a short mini-break.
The first night we stayed at the newly refurbished QT resort in Port Douglas.  I had heard about this place from IG friend @amymail who said that I would love the decor. Oh she does know me well. It certainly didn't disappoint. It was fabulous and styled all so very Coastal Vintage!

 When we arrived we were greeted with this ever changing beachy theme images on the many screens in the reception area. It immediately welcomes you to a relaxed environment. Up above, the first bit of nautical styling appeared. I love this look - sisal rope lights causally strung from the ceiling. Isn't it a great look?

Beautiful water features & tropical gardens welcomed us just beyond the reception area.


And before heading to our room, we had a spot of lunch at the funky Estilo Bar. Isn't the stone work fabulous? 
(I have to admit the highlight here was the delicious cocktails).

While waiting for lunch I set off exploring the rest of the resort. I was delighted to find plenty of wonderful coastal, nautical & maritime vintage things that I absolutely love styled here in this gorgeous resort and similar to what I sell in my store. As you can see in these photos the use of sisal rope has been cleverly used to decorate the top of the bar and in the walkways.

Cute driftwood fish hang on a wall near the bar.

Then there was this wall. Old ship's portholes created into a mirror wall. 

How fabulous does this look? I absolutely love this!

And again in the ladies room. I thought it was very cool! 


There were many shelves throughout the resort decorated with old nautical pieces and old siphon bottles.

And then there was this most amazing piece.

Old glass fishing floats compiled into what I call 

'The Glass Float Dream-Catcher!'

Isn't it spectacular?

Below that are two huge old ship spotlights to illuminate it at night. Simply fabulous!

Isn't it amazing?

It truly is a unique & fabulous decorative piece which has been cleverly designed to fill a large space. It is also a unique way to display old glass fishing floats.

It certainly has inspired me and I'm going to attempt to make a small one for my home to hang in the guest room. When I do, I will write a post about it here. 

If you're looking for any of the things that you see in this post such as old glass floats, siphon bottles, sisal rope, old portholes (perfect to make into mirrors) and so on, there are quite a few of these items available over on the Coastal Vintage online store. 

click here www.coastalvintage.com.au

And until next time, lover of all things Coastal Vintage


Next post: the adventure continues as we made our way up to the remote & historic seaside town of Cooktown.

QT's Interior designer & stylist was Anna Roberts.


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