DIY Beach terrarium

Have you ever thought about displaying your holiday beachcombing finds in a glass bowl to create a beach style terrarium? Well this idea is a very simple and easy way to create a lovely and unique holiday memory piece for your home.

When I found this glass bowl in a 2nd hand shop, I thought it would be perfect for this project. You don't have to have a round bowl, you could use a large glass jar. 

 Firstly, collect some sand from the beach or if you're not near the sea, you maybe able to get some from the local hardware store. Or, if you have kids and they have a sandpit, maybe take some from there. You only need a small amount to fill the bottom. Then display all the items out on the table that you would like to place in your terrarium. 

Take the biggest piece to be the centrepiece. I've decided to use this gorgeous old staghorn coral. Once your centrepiece is in place, then begin to place your other favourite finds around it. What we are really doing here is creating a *vignette, but rather than on a shelf or sideboard, it is inside a glass bowl. 

I've included an old fishing cork float, a sponge, a small clam shell, a complete scallop shell and then 

I've added a sea fan at the back which now gives the whole display some height. I've also included a glass float, some coral sponge, lots of small shells, a few sea urchins and some pumice stone that was washed up on a NSW South Coast beach. It had washed up from a recent erupted volcano in the Pacific Ocean.

This photo is of looking down into the terrarium.  Many of these finds are special momentos from dear friends with each piece having it's own story.

 And there it is! Easy Peasy isn't it? 

You can see I've opened the clam shell and placed a sea urchin and some green sea glass inside it. All I need now is a little toy mermaid or a scuba diver to place inside to make it look like it is swimming in amongst this magical 'under the sea' wonderland.

For the time being it is here in the foyer of my home.  

I would love to leave it here on my living room coffee table. However, I know my darling little Miss 2 will want to explore it with her little fingers.  So it will stay up high for now and out of reach.

The beauty about creating a beach terrarium is that each and everyone will be unique. Will you make one? If so, I would love to see! Don't hesitate to share a pic on Instagram & tag coastalvintage or post on the coastal vintage facebook page.

If you're interested in seeing the Coastal Vintage Vignette I created in a previous post, simply click this link:  Coastal Vintage Vignette

and until next time - lover of the sea and all things Coastal Vintage


*vignette -  a way to style/arrange your favourite things to create a picture and a visual joy. A bit like creating a 3-D painting.  


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