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Oyster Platters - shell display trays

Recently, I came across some very interesting old wooden trays. They were handmade 20-years ago and used in a restaurant to serve oysters. When I saw them I thought they would make great shell display trays. 

With a coat of paint, a little sanding and waxed, they have come up beautifully.

These could also be used to hold eggs or any other small items. 
Now available on the website. If interested, click here:
and until next time, lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage

Vintage Glass Fishing Floats

Oh, it was an exciting day today!  One of those days where I received a shipment of coastal vintage goodies.  A dozen plus boxes filled with beautiful old glass fishing floats from Japan. These were once used to help fishing nets float in the water and are more than 30-years old. Most fishermen in Japan now use plastic floats.

Gorgeous small yellow floats in amongst a box full of 6" (term used to describe the size of the float. 6" is about 15cm in diameter). These yellow ones are harder to come by than the blue or green.

Here are some large 12" brown floats (approx 30cm diameter). I've never stocked these before or a double float! That's the one bottom centre - 2 x 10" (approx 25cm diameter) tied together in one.

and so many different types of netting in this shipment as well as different colours and sizes.

Gradually over the next few days I will be adding these to the website.
Below is the largest one received - 14" (approx 40cm di…

Beach Huts - Boat Sheds - Brighton Beach

When one is a coastal lover and is in Melbourne, I highly recommend a visit to the gorgeous colourful beach huts on Brighton Beach. They are located just 15-minutes drive south of Melbourne on the bay and a few weeks ago while visiting Melbourne I took the opportunity to visit them right on sun dusk. It was perfect timing to take these photos capturing the spectacular sky & the bright colours of the huts in the soft light. 

Spectacular aren't they? As you can see they weren't being used as it was a little chilly being the last day of winter here in the Southern hemisphere.
As there are only a small number of them, I hear that some sell for $100k.  Incredible isn't it? Oh wouldn't it be lovely to have one? If I had one, I would certainly decorate it like an old boat shed filled with all things coastal vintage!
Tell me, which one is your favourite?
until next time, lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage

Coastal Home Vintage Style - Bayside, Melbourne

On a recent trip to Melbourne, I met with lovely lady & very loyal customer Maree who is a great lover of all things coastal vintage. Maree kindly let me take a look inside her gorgeous home, a townhouse in Bayside, Melbourne. I was not only amazed by her incredible coastal collection but also how she has cleverly created such a gorgeous home with so many beautiful coastal things - old and new. 

At the entrance to her home you are welcomed with a gorgeous old ship's light, a vintage decorative glass float, a highly collectible old billabong sign and a chill out sign that she found on a trip to Bali.  

Immediately on entering, you are greeted with the stairs leading up to the second floor. To create more light in her home, Maree has invested in collecting old porthole mirrors, many that I found for her.  Trust me it isn't easy finding 'vintage' ones! They are very popular. I do love the round rectangle shape one that Maree found. 

 Doesn't it look great?  Excuse me…

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