Beach Huts - Boat Sheds - Brighton Beach

When one is a coastal lover and is in Melbourne, I highly recommend a visit to the gorgeous colourful beach huts on Brighton Beach. They are located just 15-minutes drive south of Melbourne on the bay and a few weeks ago while visiting Melbourne I took the opportunity to visit them right on sun dusk. It was perfect timing to take these photos capturing the spectacular sky & the bright colours of the huts in the soft light. 

Spectacular aren't they? As you can see they weren't being used as it was a little chilly being the last day of winter here in the Southern hemisphere.

As there are only a small number of them, I hear that some sell for $100k.  Incredible isn't it? Oh wouldn't it be lovely to have one? If I had one, I would certainly decorate it like an old boat shed filled with all things coastal vintage!

Tell me, which one is your favourite?

until next time, lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage



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