Coastal Home Vintage Style - Bayside, Melbourne

On a recent trip to Melbourne, I met with lovely lady & very loyal customer Maree who is a great lover of all things coastal vintage. Maree kindly let me take a look inside her gorgeous home, a townhouse in Bayside, Melbourne. I was not only amazed by her incredible coastal collection but also how she has cleverly created such a gorgeous home with so many beautiful coastal things - old and new. 

At the entrance to her home you are welcomed with a gorgeous old ship's light, a vintage decorative glass float, a highly collectible old billabong sign and a chill out sign that she found on a trip to Bali.  

Immediately on entering, you are greeted with the stairs leading up to the second floor. To create more light in her home, Maree has invested in collecting old porthole mirrors, many that I found for her.  Trust me it isn't easy finding 'vintage' ones! They are very popular. I do love the round rectangle shape one that Maree found. 

 Doesn't it look great?  Excuse me in the top mirror :)
It isn't quite finished yet as there are a few more to put up including an old brass porthole that came off a Manly ferry and also a huge rectangle porthole that I found & came from an old ship's yard. It will look even more incredible when completed.

On the other wall Maree has placed this gorgeous shell mirror that she found locally. A unique piece and one off that makes it even more special. Spectacular isn't it?

And hung beside it are some old chairs that fill that space. Novel isn't it?

Upstairs is this gorgeous old green trolley and Maree has filled with an amazing collection of coral & barnacles. What a fabulous idea and looks great!

Just opposite the trolley is this incredible seahorse made with shells & sea glass. 

And then to the bathroom! 

Over the years Maree has been collecting these rectangle glass floats. They were made in the 70's-80's as purely decorative pieces & are now highly collectible. They look fabulous here in the bathroom window creating spots of bright colour light through the shutters. 

Out on the deck up on the wall is this fabulous lobster/cray pot that Maree has connected a light to.

Back down the stairs & looking back up. Beautiful old portholes on the floor yet to be put up and I just adore the naked lady painting.

I have to say one my favourites vintage pieces in Maree's home is the 'Peters" Ice-cream cone light! This originally would have been displayed outside a general store or on top of an ice-cream van! Cool isn't it?

Maree has an incredible shell collection and this paper nautilus shell is one of three that Maree & her husband found washed up on the beach.  So fine and beautiful.

Another favourite piece - gorgeous mermaid.

Maree requested these reels from me to create a wall of reels. However, they have ended up here on the centre of the table and I quite like the way they have been casually placed here & are now a centrepiece.  

Old lobster pot buoy from Maine used as a doorstop! 

Another amazing vintage piece & what an amazing find Maree! An art deco yacht in such beautiful condition. Oh how I would love one like this in my home.

And finally, some more lobster pot buoys hanging up in the garden beside her fabulous fountain. 
And believe it or not there was a whole lot more including shells, lights, model yacht, signs & old oars on the walls. Maybe another post one day….

Maree, thank you for sharing your gorgeous abode with me. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and seeing all your amazing treasures. 

If you're looking for something in particular that is coastal vintage, please don't hesitate to contact me or take a look over on the website.

And until next time, lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage


PS I love hearing your thoughts. So feel free to share. 


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