Vintage Glass Fishing Floats

Oh, it was an exciting day today! 
One of those days where I received a shipment of coastal vintage goodies.  A dozen plus boxes filled with beautiful old glass fishing floats from Japan. These were once used to help fishing nets float in the water and are more than 30-years old. Most fishermen in Japan now use plastic floats.

Gorgeous small yellow floats in amongst a box full of 6" (term used to describe the size of the float. 6" is about 15cm in diameter). These yellow ones are harder to come by than the blue or green.

Here are some large 12" brown floats (approx 30cm diameter). I've never stocked these before or a double float! That's the one bottom centre - 2 x 10" (approx 25cm diameter) tied together in one.

and so many different types of netting in this shipment as well as different colours and sizes.

Gradually over the next few days I will be adding these to the website. 

Below is the largest one received - 14" (approx 40cm diameter). It is a beauty and I love the netting on this one.

The small one gives you an idea of how really big this one is. Isn't it fabulous?

If any are of interest, do check back regularly on the website to see what has been added or please don't hesitate to contact me via the website. 

and until next time

lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage



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