Coastal Vintage Christmas

Can you believe it is almost that time again?
It only seems like yesterday that we celebrated last Christmas doesn't it?  If you've been following my blog from day dot, well you may remember my very first post this year and this gorgeous Coastal Christmas table created by an old friend & neighbour of mine Shelby.  
 Not long after I opened last year, Shelby purchased some old glass floats & blue bottles, and a vintage nautical chart of the Great Barrier Reef. She told me that she was going to do a coastal theme Christmas and this is what she created.
Isn't it gorgeous?
Firstly, I love al fresco dining and this beautiful setting is perfect for an Australian Christmas.
Secondly, the starfish are striking on the gorgeous blue 'Lotus' plates aren't they? 
Shelby bought these online from the fabulous American shop Anthropolgie. 
In the middle of the table, Shelby has used a hessian runner that she whipped up. I'm useless with a needle so if I was to recreate, I may use brown paper.
These are similar glass floats that Shelby has used on the table. They are all authentic vintage fishing floats that were once used to hold up fishing nets. Click here to take you to the website to see what glass floats are available.
 A beautiful old clam shell would make a stunning centrepiece and it could be filled with glass floats, prawns or perhaps sand with candles. Click here to see the range of clam shells we have available.
Shelby bought plain bonbons** and replaced the insides with lindt chocolates & a scratchie (lottery ticket) and then used an old nautical chart to decorate the middle. I haven't the heart to cut up an old chart but I certainly could trace an old chart and colour it in to create this look. Click here to see the vast range of old nautical charts in-store.
Isn't this Christmas tree just glorious?
Shelby has used driftwood garlands that you could easily make using pieces that you have found or perhaps make one with shells, or driftwood & shells. 
To complete the look tie some blue ribbons, add some starfish and string blue fairy lights.

The coastal vignette on the side table is beautiful too. Shelby has used our glass floats once again, some shells, old fishing corks and an old model yacht to create this look. There are a few old model boats in-store that would be perfect for decorating like this or perhaps it would be the perfect gift for someone who loves boats! Click here: model boats
And we have quite a few fishing corks too that will be added to the website in November. 
This coastal vintage style Christmas table theme could be used for many occasions minus the Christmas bon bons. It could be recreated for a beach wedding or a coastal luncheon, or why not a coastal theme high tea. 

Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration Shelby.

After I return from holidays in November, I will write a post about some other coastal vintage ideas for Christmas & the festive party season.

and until next time, 

lover of the sea and all things Coastal Vintage - Sally

** bon bons are Australian Christmas Crackers. A person holds the bon bon at each end & pulls the bon bon until it cracks open with a crackle pop, and inside is a little surprise. 


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