Driftwood Boats

Aren't these driftwood boats fantastic? So lovely and unique!
They are made by a local chap based here in Noosa with pieces of old boats & channel markers that he has found washed up on our beaches here in Australia. 
The hull of this piece is actually from a mast of an old boat and the red sail is from a channel marker.
These pieces were found at Double Island Point - a coastal headland just north of Noosa. 
And these gorgeous green & yellow pieces were found on the beach down on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. 
The green is from a starboard channel marker.
And the materials for this boat originate from a beach in Cooktown up in Far North Queensland.
And the hull is from a mast of an old wooden boat. It had obviously been floating at sea for a while as it was filled with gorgeous little holes that had been made by sea worms.
I decided that I had to keep one and once I put it up on the wall, 
I decided I had to have another one to compliment the other. 
And here they are displayed in the foyer of my home.

If these driftwood boats are of any interest to you, there are few left on the website. 


If sold out, please contact me and I can organise to get one for you. 


and until next time,

lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage



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