Old Scales Makeover

For over a year, I have been looking for some old shop scales. I wanted them for my kitchen bench to use as a  fruit & vegetables bowl. When I found these gorgeous old yellow Salter scales I was a very happy chappy. 

However, when I got home I discovered they were just a tad big for my kitchen. 
So they have now gone into the shop. www.coastalvintage.com.au

And then I came across these old scales that I picked up for a song. I immediately thought, these are perfect in size and I could give them a makeover! Now I know a few of you will love them just the way they are, but displayed on my black kitchen bench they seemed lost & I need a pop of colour in my kitchen. 

I bought a can of blue Rustoluem 2X. Before spraying I gave the scales a bit of a scrub & clean, and covered the area up that I wanted to keep natural.

It took less than ten minutes to spray, an hour to dry and then I sprayed it again. 

And da dah! Perfect colour for my coastal vintage home. 

While I was at it, I also painted some wooden starfish to get into the Coastal Christmas spirit.

Have you spray painted anything for the home? Would love hear what you have done.

and until next time,

lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage



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