Fishing Corks Upcycled

When I found these old fishing corks I couldn't believe my luck. I just love the texture of these rustic old pieces. What better way to upcycle them than to give them a quick coat of colourful paint and string them up to display in the home. 

I had some old sisal rope that came in with a shipment of old Japanese glass floats and strung the corks like this placing a knot at each end to keep in place.
 I was going to string them up across the top of the curtains. However, I found this corner needed a little brightening up and have casually strung them across a piece of gorgeous smooth driftwood that my husband found on Rainbow Beach earlier this year.
I think I going to have to make some more and decorate the pool area. 

  If you are looking for some old fishing corks, you can find some on our website under fishing:


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