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In the December 2014 issue of the Australian Home Beautiful Magazine, the home of Channel 7, Better Homes & Garden's Tara Dennis was showcased. 
It really captured my attention for it beautiful coastal style & lots of coastal vintage goodness.
Tara's home is new, built by her husband Martyn and decorated by Tara. Inspiration was taken from the nearby river shacks and oyster farms creating a home that blends seamlessly into the rugged environment. Tara states that she wanted it to feel like an older style home, like an old weekender. They used recycled materials and timber to create charm and authenticity. Tara's says she doesn't do modern very well. She likes second-hand furniture, things with character and that have a story.
I have pointed out a few of those pieces throughout this post that are of Coastal Vintage style. 
Some of these may inspire you or give you ideas to decorate with something similar in your home.
In this photo, the ottoman behind Tara is a old boat fender. A recycled piece that is perfect for the home. 
Fabulous isn't it?
Doesn't the old crab pot look spectacular hanging from her ceiling with strings of wool/rope draped through and hanging down? And the rope mirror is a perfect addition to this home.
 Here Tara has reused an old barn door in the kitchen. When I saw this, I thought an old teak ship's door with a porthole window would look just as fabulous too wouldn't it?
The rustic wire net hanging from the ceiling is lovely isn't it? 
You could use an old fish wire net to create a similar look.
In this corner under the stairs Tara has old glass fishing floats hanging and an old wooden fishing reel. On the bookcase is another glass float & tucked in the corner is a vintage oar. 
Glass floats, old wooden reels and oars all look fabulous in either a coastal or country setting. 
Have you ever thought about placing some of these items in your home? 
Tara has such beautiful style integrating old pieces with new in a new home, and has chosen lovely neutral tones mixed with coastal blues. 
It all looks so cosy and inviting doesn't it?
Here is the gorgeous old boat fender again and a galvanised bucket filled with glass floats in front of the fireplace. There are a stack of old wooden reels beside it on the floor and a couple of lovely vintage seaside paintings, and more small glass floats hanging in the corner.
And finally, the photo that really captured my eye. All that beautiful Coastal Vintage style goodness. The glass demijohn, old creels & fishing rods, and vintage paintings.

What struck a cord with me in the magazine interview, is what Tara said when asked how her style has changed:

I've become a lot less cutesy. I've loved coastal, that's my thing, but my style has become more refined. I used to be more literal, while now I'm become more subtle. I'm about the textures and the softer colour palette, rather than just the cushion with boats on it, just for the sake of it. I don't like it being that literal, not for where I'm living. 

Is this your style as well? 
I love coastal, that's my thing too. 
And less literal, more subtle? Yes that too.

It is exactly the style I am creating in my own home. Soft coastal colours and textures with a collection of beautiful old coastal vintage things - allowing them to shine.

Tell me, what is your favourite piece from Tara's home?

and until next time, 

lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage


*Please note all images & snippets of this article were taken from the Home Beautiful magazine.
If you're looking for some similar Coastal Vintage wares click the link below to take you to the website: 


  1. This is gorgeous - how did I miss this?! Such a relaxed style, I love it. That barn door is to die for. I like your idea too x

  2. This is amazing! This is exactly what I want to do with my house


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