Sandcastles by Tim Neve

For quite a while interiors stylist, vintage shop owner and author Tim Neve has been an instagram favourite. 
I absolutely love Tim's style. 
Because Tim loves and appreciates all things that you and I love and that's all things Coastal & Coastal Vintage.  All those beautiful things that inspire you & I in relation to the coast or sea, and he styles them in a way that makes you be inspired to do the same in your own home. 
When Tim announced last month that he was launching a book, I knew immediately that I would love it. And when I received it in the mail, I wasn't disappointed. I've spent hours browsing over it and I know I will spend many more hours. It's one of those books you never tire looking at.

So take a look below at some snippets of Tim's book.  
I hope you will be inspired as much as I have been. 
Neutral & white tones with wonderful natural pieces from the sea.
Lots of lovely old items. I particularly love the fish made of shells, the fishnets and that cute little lighthouse. You?
For the nautical & fishing lovers - this room is fabulous. Filled to the brim with so many gorgeous things. I love that there is so much of it, almost over the top but really it isn't it as it all sits in perfectly doesn't it? The perfect fisherman's or seafarer's abode!
 A gorgeous room filled with a mix of textures and natural colours. A comfy sofa in natural fabrics with a fishing net wrapped throw, an old mail sack that has been made into a gorgeous cushion, an old pallet crate coffee table with a rustic enamel bowl filled with beachcombing finds, a cane pendant, walls the colour of the sea and a lovely old surfski paddle casually leaning up against the wall. It's all rather lovely isn't it?
I've seen antique Singer sewing table legs used before as the base of a table - particularly with a piece of marble on top but who would have thought to reuse them this way? Using just 3 legs as a support for a gorgeous rustic piece of timber creating a makeshift side table. Adorned with a vase of succulents and a stunningly beautiful old shell. It's works so well doesn't it?
What a beautiful and unique mood-board. Lots of things from the sea giving great inspiration with it's natural tones & colours of browns and greys. The driftwood, shells, seafan and sea-urchin worn by the ocean currents and the sun's rays creating gorgeous colours & textures.
And here is a snippet inside Tim's gorgeous store in Newcastle. Oh that canoe....
Recently, I got in touch with Tim to let him know I was going to write this post. He instantly replied and thanked me for the opportunity but also said, 'I know you're followers will love this...." 
Yes Tim, I think they will. 

Tell me, what have you loved seeing so far?

To purchase Tim's book, simply go to his website:
Below is Tim's book in the home of three more of my favourites on Instagram. 
These ladies have inspired me many times.
Lisa @oarsgalore has her copy sitting perfectly here on her amazing coffee table filled with her beachcombing finds.
Kylie @kyliefoy1 has her copy displayed amongst her gorgeous shell & pineapple collection.
and Suz @coconut_cabin has pieces from her fishing collection blending in so well on this page.
I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do,
and until next time, 
lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage



  1. can i order this book to finland ?

    1. yes you can via Tim Neve's website.


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