Californian Coastal Vintage Cottage

About a year ago, I discovered a bright and colourful page on instagram called Art and Sand.
A page and blog about life in a little cottage by the sea. Owned by Steve & Carol Cook, an artist and retired school teacher, this couple have lovingly decorated a gorgeous quaint 1928 California beach cottage with bold primary colours, beachcombing finds, Steve's artwork and many vintage pieces that have been passed down through the family.
All the buoys have been found washed ashore and painted in primary colours. Looks fabulous doesn't it? And so does the driftwood sign. The wheelbarrow was a find as well and what a perfect piece to create a lovely garden bed.
Love the surfboard hanging on the fence that has been painted. All the pieces seem to fit so beautifully in the garden don't they? Bringing lots of colour. It is a wonderful way to upcycled old and discarded pieces. 
Handmade driftwood boats & flags adding a lovely nautical touch... 
 And inside it is filled with many old pieces that have been re-purposed. The cedar chest belonged to Carol's mother.  The basket of gorgeous old croquet balls were Carol's when she was a little girl.
The artwork over the mantel is forever changing, but always coastal. This is a hillside looking over Montecito, California. How fabulous would it be to have an artist in the family to be able to do this too?
I spy sweet collection of little old sail pails too. 
 This vintage record cabinet actually had 78 rpm records in it when Steve found it in Carol's parent's garage. The slate was Carol's grandmother's. She carried to school as a little girl. What a beautiful treasure to have and to remind you of your Granny Carol.
Gorgeous artwork by Steve.
Old watering can that belonged to Carol's grandfather. Looks great painted yellow!
And finally a vintage typewriter that provides a spot for Carol to show off her weekly favourite quotes. 
Love that idea!

Is this home just beautiful? 

Thank you for allowing me to share Carol & Steve.

To see more of Carol & Steve's beautiful home, click here

And until next time, 

lover of the sea

and all things coastal vintage

Sally x


  1. What a lovely feature on our little cottage. I laugh because there are already so many changes since many of those pictures were taken.

    Have a lovely winter day - summer is finally here and we just came back from a relaxing paddle in our kayaks.

    1. Carol, maybe i will have to do another post on all your gorgeous changes soon! :)

    2. This is really a wonderful post.


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