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Ship's Light Restoration

This old ship's light came off an old decommissioned ship in India and this week I finally had it rewired. I was so surprised and pleased to see it create a lovely soft glow. This light is perfect for the living room or perhaps use as a bedside table light. This is exactly what I am going to use two of them for, but firstly, I'm going to restore them a little by giving the metal part a fresh coat of paint. As you can see it has aged quite a bit, is a little rusty and the paint has chipped away as a result of the sea air.  Some people love this look and would leave as is. However, I want to restore it and hopefully enhance this light by giving it a fresh yet aged look with a coat of aged copper paint.  After a wash, I sprayed painted it.  It took just two coats over a couple of hours.  Quite a difference isn't it? 
Looks new again doesn't it? but still with a rustic feel about it. 
I'm so pleased with it and can't wait to get stuck into the other one & set the…

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