Wooden Fishing Reels

As of last week we sold out of old wooden lobster pot buoys from Maine. However, we do have more on the way and there are a couple of stripy ones left from Florida.

So it was time to change the lobster pot wall into the wooden fishing reel wall!
We seemed to have collected quite a few over the last year and believe it or not....there are more. 
However, I'm going to keep a few and when I visit the glass cutter next week to have an old porthole glass (broken) replaced with a mirror, I will see if they can do some reels too. 
I got this idea from this image published last year in an Australian edition of the Home Beautiful magazine.
Looks fabulous doesn't it?

Many of the old wooden reels are listed on our website with many more being added in the coming weeks. If you like this idea and would like me to collate a few reels for you, please don't hesitate to email hello@coastalvintage.com.au

until next time,
lover of the sea,
and all things coastal vintage
 Sally x


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