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How to Style Coral At Home

Recently, the gorgeous blog  DIY Decorator posted a fabulous post about how to style coral at home and included some tips & images from Coastal Vintage.
We also shared some decorating & cleaning tips.
And a post about how to create a beach inspired terrarium.   Click here to see how to create your own.

To see more of how to style coral by DIY Decorator click here
and until next time,
lover of the sea  and  all things coastal vintage
Sally x

Wooden Lobster Pot Buoys

Do you know much about wooden lobster pot buoys?
Well here is a little history. 

Wooden lobster pot buoys are a type of float that is attached to a cane pot/trap in order for lobstermen to be able to identify their traps which have been set on the ocean floor. The buoy is attached to the trap and it floats on top of the water enabling the lobstermen to locate his pot/s easily.  To identify their buoys the lobstermen have their own colour scheme. This is required by law and many mark their buoys with their initials or names, and also license numbers. No two lobstermen can have the same colour scheme, pattern or numbers. 
I import these wooden lobster pot buoys from Maine, USA & Nova Scotia, Canada where lobsters have been plentiful, so plentiful that during a time in the early 1800s, catching lobsters was done by gathering them by hand along the shoreline before traps started to be used around the mid-1800s.  Can you imagine being able to gather them along the shore? Woul…

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