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The Little Black Shack

I've been following The Little Black Shack on IG for sometime now. This original timber and sandstone fisherman's cottage on the water’s edge of Pittwater's stunning Mackerel Beach has been lovingly restored into a beautiful, secluded beach and bush hideaway and couple's retreat.  It has also been decorated with lots of coastal vintage style treasures.  Here are some of my favourite pics that I've taken from their IG page. Love the old paintings & furniture. Look at all the gorgeous vintage treasure on the shelves. So much history. If only these walls could talk?
What's are your favourite vintage pieces in this beautiful little place?
To see more of this gorgeous beach shack, click here:
The Little Black Shack
until next time,
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Sally x

Is your home Coastal Vintage style?

We are looking to showcase homes here on our blog with that coastal vintage feel & style. Is your home or beach shack coastal vintage? If so, please get in touch. We would love to see it. All that is required is lots of beautiful high resolution photos. I look forward to hearing you.
Next Week: The Little Black Shack - I discovered this little gem on IG and can't wait to show you. 
It is styled so beautifully with all things coastal vintage.

photo: The Little Black Shack  and until next time, lover of the sea

and all things coastal vintage


The Galley Restaurant

This morning I received a text from my lovely friend Jay from Found By Her. She has been spending a relaxing week cruising Moreton Bay with her family. This morning they pulled into the marina at Coomera on the Gold Coast to stop in for a spot of breakfast at The Galley restaurant. So she sent me a few photos of their fabulously decorated interior because it reminded her of me..... see below and you will find out why! :) I had heard of this place a few years ago and have been meaning to visit because so many people had mentioned that it is decorated with all things nautical and coastal vintage. And my friend Mick from Jack Tars Locker created all the rope work pieces inside. So, it is a must that I visit when I'm next down on the Gold Coast. 
 Isn't it all terribly fabulous? Apparently, during the week the staff dress nautical style and on the weekends as pirates, and often Jack Sparrow pops in for the live music. ;) Sounds like a right hoot!
What caught your eye?  Anything …

Coastal Vintage style bar/restaurant - El Capitano

Late last year, a new bar & restaurant / pizzeria popped-up in Hastings Street, Noosa. Just before opening, they came to see us at Coastal Vintage for some help finding some items to decorate their new space.  At the entrance there is a fabulous old porthole that allows you to look into the courtyard during the day and when it opens in the evening from 5pm, you are greeted with the ship's light aglow at the top of the gate and fairy lights leading the way up the stairs..... to a tropical & pirate theme oasis. Four lovely cane craypots have been strung up across the bar with some thick old sisal rope.  Don't they look fantastic? On the bar they have placed an old fishing float atop of a timeless old timber fishing reel. To my delight they inserted a small light underneath, so at nighttime it glows.   Behind the bar is an old speargun, glass float and green bottle.  And below many other coastal vintage items have been placed throughout the restaurant.  So what is El Cap…

Hamptons Beach House with a touch of Coastal Vintage

Recently, one of our customers emailed me some photos of their new Hampton's style beach house that they have decorated beautifully with a few of our coastal vintage pieces.
The home is located on the southernmost village on the Central Coast of NSW called Patonga - just an hour's drive north of Sydney.  The home is beautifully designed and one of the highlight is the lovely pool-side cabana. Aren't those blue doors the most divine colour? Inside is our custom made 'Ladies Must Wear Bloomers Sign'. It looks perfect there. And the life ring that we painted blue & white for this spot blends in perfectly inside the cabana. Inside the home there are some lovely nautical bits & bobs on the side table and includes one of our old authentic wooden lobster pot buoys from Maine, USA. Simple yet effective - our decor chain anchor looks fantastic above this bed doesn't it? I love how the owners have added pieces that highlight a space & the beauty of a coastal ho…

Coastal Living Magazine - featured!

It is always such a thrill to see our coastal vintage wares featured in a magazine and especially one of such high esteem as the American Coastal Living Magazine.  This month we grace the cover as well as inside.  Bright foam buoys marking the locations of lobster traps have been an iconic piece of maritime culture dating to the late 1800s, when trapping became a common method of lobstering. To distinguish one lobsterman's traps from others, it became tradition—and then law—to paint buoys a unique pattern and color scheme. These seaworthy treasures have since caught the eyes of collectors and become quintessential beach house decor, used as doorstops, centerpieces, hanging displays, and more.

And in April we were featured again with a range of our vintage oars.  Vintage oars are models of coastal craftsmanship, each one handmade and painted to yield one-of-a-kind artwork. Naturally weathered from the sun and sea, they add rustic charm to beach cottages.  A big thank you to C…

Cape Cod Inspired Beach House

Recently, I read all about a gorgeous new home here on the Sunshine Coast on the DIY-decorator blog and realised it was the holiday home of one of our lovely customers - Victoria and her family! I was so thrilled to see a couple of coastal vintage pieces Victoria had purchased used to decorate her beautiful beachside home. 
Inspired by the small American seaside village of Chatham in Cape Cod, this beautiful home brings a touch of Hamptons charm to the Australian coast. Victoria likes to buy pieces that have a story to them, and mixes vintage and one-off pieces with main store bought items.  What I love about Chatham Beach House is the way Victoria has used lots of decorative finishing touches that make the house feel like a home and not just a holiday rental. A coastal home full of style yet homey. Chatham Beach House is only 100 steps from the door to beautiful Mudjimba Beach here on the Sunshine Coast. To learn more about Chatham Beach House or to book your stay visit:

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