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Coastal Home Noosa - Coastal Vintage Style

When I expanded my online store & opened the coastal vintage warehouse a year ago, my very first customer was a lovely lady Jan. It was so wonderful to meet another person who has a huge enthusiasm and love for all things coastal vintage. Jan owned a shop for 12-years called the White House at Noosa Marina and stocked an amazing range of coastal decor items - both new and old. And when she invited Tanya of Chesterton Smith Photography & I into her home, we were absolutely in awe of her amazing styling. As you will see every space in her home is styled beautifully with all things coastal & coastal vintage. Jan loves all things rustic, natural and white and you can see it blends in all so well here in her home. The beautiful old oars in the first photo were a Christmas gift from her children and in the living room she has another set displayed above the TV.  Both Jan & I have a huge love of old rustic oars and a standing joke between us is that you can never have too m…

Boat CD Rack transformation

Remember when everyone had a CD rack in the corner of the living room? 
Did you have one of these old boat style racks? 
As you know there isn't really a use for these anymore and when I came across a couple recently, I thought how can I make it useful again? Firstly, I asked my father in-law to carefully saw away the cd rack section. 
Once that was removed, I took away the drawer and simply applied some Annie Sloan chalk paint. I then sanded it finely and waxed it, and turned it into a display shelf for all those lovely little finds. 
Perfect coastal home decor! and until next time,
lover of all things coastal vintage
Sally x

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