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Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Style

I discovered this gorgeous 1930's coastal vintage style beach cottage on the HGTV website.
It's has been decorated using authentic coastal style vintage pieces transforming it into a relaxed and homey seaside retreat. Isn't this living room's coastal style paneling perfect? I also love how the shelving showcases the many gorgeous vintage seascape paintings and model yacht. Simply perfecto! The mismatched of cane chairs, peacock chair and daybed seems to blend in so well on this porch and the metal yacht is truly a unique and simply divine piece. This gorgeous 1970s polyester bathing suit looks fantastic framed doesn't it? It is truly a lovely way to preserve an old swimsuit. The 1940's hand-crank metal icre-cream churns have been turned into lamps. Clever and unique idea isn't it? And look so good!   The hanging light in this room was once a minnow trap and the the striped artwork is actually an old poultry feed grain sack. The large vintage maritime maps…

Beach Shacks of Australia @beachshacksofaustralia

Come join us over on our new Instagram page as we document  old beach shacks, boat houses and island homes just for fun! 
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* image via dulex paints.

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