Coastal Living Magazine - featured!

It is always such a thrill to see our coastal vintage wares featured in a magazine and especially one of such high esteem as the American Coastal Living Magazine. 
This month we grace the cover as well as inside.
 Bright foam buoys marking the locations of lobster traps have been an iconic piece of maritime culture dating to the late 1800s, when trapping became a common method of lobstering. To distinguish one lobsterman's traps from others, it became tradition—and then law—to paint buoys a unique pattern and color scheme. These seaworthy treasures have since caught the eyes of collectors and become quintessential beach house decor, used as doorstops, centerpieces, hanging displays, and more.

And in April we were featured again with a range of our vintage oars.
 Vintage oars are models of coastal craftsmanship, each one handmade and painted to yield one-of-a-kind artwork. Naturally weathered from the sun and sea, they add rustic charm to beach cottages. 
A big thank you to Coastal Living Magazine. 
until next time, 
lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage
Sally x


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