Coastal Vintage style bar/restaurant - El Capitano

Late last year, a new bar & restaurant / pizzeria popped-up in Hastings Street, Noosa. Just before opening, they came to see us at Coastal Vintage for some help finding some items to decorate their new space.
 At the entrance there is a fabulous old porthole that allows you to look into the courtyard during the day and when it opens in the evening from 5pm, you are greeted with the ship's light aglow at the top of the gate and fairy lights leading the way up the stairs.....
to a tropical & pirate theme oasis.
Four lovely cane craypots have been strung up across the bar with some thick old sisal rope. 
Don't they look fantastic?
On the bar they have placed an old fishing float atop of a timeless old timber fishing reel. To my delight they inserted a small light underneath, so at nighttime it glows. 
 Behind the bar is an old speargun, glass float and green bottle. 
And below many other coastal vintage items have been placed throughout the restaurant. 
So what is El Capitano about? 
Old world organic sourdough pizza, topped with the best local ingredients around. 
Wine, bubbles, cocktails & craft beers, bar open till late.

So next time you're in Noosa why not pop in for a look. 
I can testify that the cocktails are yummy! 

and until next time, lover of the sea

and all things coastal vintage



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