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Beach House Decor

The Beach House typically incorporates all elements of seaside life and what better way to evoke wonderful memories by bringing in those elements from the sea and from our time spent on boats.  Check out these beach house images for some inspiration.  You can find similar items in-store at
Model yacht, telescope, old ship's helm & brass lanterns make great decor for the beach house! 
A beach house isn't complete without a collection of coral & shells. Have you ever thought of framing an old maritime chart?  We have quite a few listed available on our website from all around the world. Shell Chandeliers look great out on the deck!
And so do old fishing floats out on the verandah.  Hang a few of our lobster pots as lights like our friend Karen has done here in her Hervey Bay home. Or decorate a bedroom with all things from boats like our friend Jan has done here in Noosa.  Capriz shell chandelier looks great out on the deck too. We have a couple of differ…

Laid-Back Coastal Style

Laid-back coastal style with a few nautical accents is what Coastal Vintage is all about. With relaxed textures & unique vintage pieces, these laid-back coastal decor photos offer neutral tones & a few breezy blues.
You can achieve a similar look with items from our store. French enamel pitchers, fish traps, wooden buoys, rope fenders, model yachts, lobster pot buoys,  glass floats & old shutters, windows and doors. Glass Floats & old bottles  A collection of old shells & coral in a cabinet.  How about a collection of pulleys going up the stairs?   Or a gallery wall of vintage paintings up the staircase. I love the rope railing.  How about a porthole mirror in the bathroom and old deckhead lights? We stock both these items.   Our painted life ring found inside Tides Reach at Pittwater.
If you would like a custom painted life ring, please get in touch.
And lobster pot lighting looks fabulous doesn't it? We stock those too. An oar or tw…

Gidgets Beach House - Part 2

Last week I showed you the inside of Gidgets Beach House - a beautiful old beach house that was completely transformed by Jodie Holmes from Seaside Creative Interiors. We were thrilled to be able to help find some unique pieces for the project. This week is all about the outside and the garage that was converted into a games room. 
Once again, we were able to provide a bunch of old coastal style items to add a bit of character. Jodie has also tied these in with the new and created a super space for the guests of Gidgets to enjoy! The outside was given a fresh coat of paint, a new timber garage door and timber facade around the balcony to give it a fresh modern day look. And inside the garage is the ultimate holiday games room!  To give the place a fabulous coastal feel, Jodie installed some old fishing gear and a huge range of authentic old lobster pot buoys that we source from Maine.   So much coastal goodness & lots of lovely bright colours! She also added some custom designed oars…

Gidgets Beach House - Part 1

Gidgets Beach House is a beautiful old beach house that was completely transformed by Jodie Holmes from Seaside Creative Interiors. We were thrilled to be able to help find some unique pieces for the project.  Check out the wonderful rooms below & all the fabulous coastal vintage pieces. These pieces add a great touch to the home by adding colour, texture and character to give the beach house a lovely homey feel. Such a lovely relaxed tropical & earthy vibe in this living room isn't there?  Jodie styled the room with reels, glass floats, demijohn, creels, fishing rods, shells and bottles from our store. Our custom-made 'Ladies must wear bloomers sign' is the star in the entry. In the bright & colourful bedrooms, our range of new oars & paddles can be found either on the walls or simply leaning up casually against the corners.  These fishing reels that we had made into mirrors look great here don't they?
Jodie added an old shell necklace around one of th…

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