Beach House Decor

The Beach House typically incorporates all elements of seaside life and what better way to evoke wonderful memories by bringing in those elements from the sea and from our time spent on boats.  Check out these beach house images for some inspiration.  You can find similar items in-store at
Model yacht, telescope, old ship's helm & brass lanterns make great decor for the beach house! 
A beach house isn't complete without a collection of coral & shells.
Have you ever thought of framing an old maritime chart? 
We have quite a few listed available on our website from all around the world.
Shell Chandeliers look great out on the deck!
And so do old fishing floats out on the verandah. 
Hang a few of our lobster pots as lights like our friend Karen has done here in her Hervey Bay home.
Or decorate a bedroom with all things from boats like our friend Jan has done here in Noosa. 
Capriz shell chandelier looks great out on the deck too. We have a couple of different sizes available.
Keep it simple with a life ring & ship's wheel being the centre pieces of the home.
A beach house isn't complete without oars on the wall!
A book shelf or wall like this can be decorated with some great nautical finds that are full of 
interesting history of time spent at sea.
And finally, how about decorating a few old nautical pieces in the garden like the Artists Houses 
in Port Douglas have done here. Looks great doesn't it?

What image has inspired you?

Check out similar items & more on our website.

until next time,

lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage

Sally x

image sources: pinterest, Artists Houses & our own.


  1. great looks! Some of them are so simple and peaceful. They have this fresh and breezy sensation to them... bring the beach inside but leave the sand and smell outside. no offense to the lucky beach side dwellers.

    1. That's exactly what beach house living is all about! A peaceful place to relax by the sea.


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