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Relaxed Coastal Style

Do you find yourself day dreaming of white sandy beaches, crystal-clear oceans and beautiful sailing yachts? Relaxed coastal style decor is a fun way to steer that carefree holiday feel to your home.  And even if you don't have a beach house or boat, including these items into your space can make your home feel like a seaside retreat. A collection of old vintage paddles looks great on the wall  or new ones similar to our duck egg blue stripe oars seen here on the cover of Home Beautiful magazine this year.   A beautiful old maritime chart to remind you of days spent by a special seaside place or out at sea. A porthole window in the shower or a couple in the kitchen as seen below will make the space feel like you're on a boat!  Vintage seaside paintings bring in a bit of nostalgia & make a space interesting.  Old letterpress are great for displaying shells found on holidays. And a collection of coral & a clam shell on a shelf completes the relaxed coastal style.

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Vintage Fishing Decor

I have fond memories of spending days at sea working on a game fishing boat off the Great Barrier Reef watching fishermen play a waiting game of catching the big one. It was an amazing experience & when the game was on, it was incredible to watch the big fish jump out of the ocean and the fishermen spend hours trying to reel them in.  As I sit here reminiscing and writing this, I note I am surrounded here in my office of vintage fishing pieces that were once used in days gone by. I love the style of the old fishing gear. Wicker creels, wooden reels, fishing nets and glass floats.    For example, my style is similar to Tara's Dennis as seen here. I have stacked a couple of old creels on top of each other and they also work as extra storage. I have a few old reels on a bookshelf and had some made into mirrors & hung on the wall. There is also a collection of old hand nets and some lovely vintage fishing art work adorning the walls.  So if you're looking for a little more in…

Life & Style Magazine

It was a wonderful surprise to be featured in the latest Queensland Life & Style Magazine. 
Written by Danni Morrison of Design by Danni, it is a lighthearted and fun article. 

Thanks Danni,
Until next time,
lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage
Sally x

Nautical Charm

Decorate your space with a little nautical charm!
For those who love boating, sailing or cruising on a luxury liner, adding a little nautical charm into your home can remind you of those wonderful memories of being out at sea. 
Hope you are inspired with these nautical style decor images.  Hang an anchor or two in the bar and decorate it with a nautical chart of the area you loved sailing to.  Frame a maritime flag or two with the first letters of your name. A lifering in a bedroom or living area looks great. Were you in the Navy? This old French laundry bag made into a cushion cover is a great nautical addition to the room. We have one left in stock. Click here: 
French Vintage A ship's wheel can certainly make a grand feature piece.  Bulk head lights look great in a living space or on either side of the front door. We stock a range similar that have come off old ship's. A model yacht makes another great feature piece.  Oars & portholes certainly make a statement inside or out. And f…

Coastal Bungalow Living

This beautiful home belongs to one of our clients Monique @coastaldrift and recently featured in Homes+ magazine. It is a lovely post-war weatherboard bungalow located on Sydney's Northern Beaches and has been renovated to restore the essence of a true beach house. Monique calls it 'La Casa Bianca' white cottage in the sky and the most consistent theme of the house is that is is white, white, white and her stunning cane furniture that she imports from Malawi. Monique has also incorporated some old pieces from Coastal Vintage to bring in a few memories of holidays by the sea. I love the old sailing yacht rope ladder that showcases on the wall in her living room and the lovely old ship's light on the shelf alongside one of her chairs.  An old world or maritime chart makes a great centrepiece above the office desk. We have a huge range of old charts from all around the world on our website. check them out here: Old Maritime Charts I love how Monique has left her bedroom s…

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