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Styling with Clam Shells & Coral

Styling with clam shells and coral pieces are a great way to create that fresh coastal look into your home. Shown below are some inspirational ideas on where & how you can display giant clam shells & coral. Whether it be on the coffee table, sideboard, bookshelf, in the bathroom, living area or bedroom. These pieces will bring a little of the seaside inside! :) These beautiful pieces of coral displayed on a foyer table are enhanced by being displayed together in a rattan tray.  The stunning blue piece gives it a little contrast. A giant clam shell filled to the brim of beachombing finds and pieces of coral is a great way to showcase your finds.  A giant clam shell is also a wonderful way to display beautiful old glass fishing floats.  By displaying one piece of spectacular coral on a stack of interior design books creates a elegant space.  Or if you're a little coral obsessed, display your collection in a lovely old cabinet or shelves. or in a big rattan tray on the coffee table …

Coastal Vignettes

Turning a house into a home with your own creative style can sometimes take years. I'm still creating and styling my home after moving in 3-years ago. From coffee & side tables to mantelpieces and bookshelves, styling up your space with pieces that tell a story and pieces that you love, will really make your home unique and your own.  Firstly, you may ask, what is a vignette?
It's a way to style/arrange your favourite things to create a picture and a visual joy. A bit like creating a 3-D painting. This photo is of the shelves in my home office. A collection of vintage items and things from the sea collected while at sea or on holidays. I think the most interesting vignettes are those with meaning. Pieces gathered over time with stories to tell and that bring back fond memories. 
So how do you style a coastal vignette?
Choose your frame - a tray, table, shelf, mantlepiece, bookcase or a wall.
Create a balance of different shapes, sizes & texture by using shells, palm l…

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