Styling with Portholes & Porthole Mirrors

There are some wonderful ways to add a little nautical style into your home, cafe, bar or restaurant with portholes and/or porthole mirrors.  With their lovely patina only developed from years of exposure to the elements, they make the most fabulous feature pieces.  Here are some inspirational & stylish ways you can add portholes into your space.
Have you got a front gate? 
Why not add a porthole peephole like El Capitano restaurant has done here.
Or add one in the shower
At the QT Resort in Port Douglas there is this fabulous wall of porthole mirrors.
It looks fantastic doesn't it?
A porthole mirror looks in the bathroom or powder room adds some character to the space.
They look great don't they?
Or how about adding one or two in the kids room in the doors or above the bed. 
 Or add one to the gallery wall or above a chest of drawers
 And my favourite porthole idea, why not as a laundry chute?
Love any of these ideas?

If so, check out the variety of old authentic portholes we have available on our website: 

until next time, 

lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage

Sally x


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